AVRestore - audio, video, film and photo digitizing services


We digitize it all:

AVRestore video digitizing servicesVideo Conversion

VHS to DVD, VHS to Blu-ray disc, VHS to digital video for computer editing and internet (MP4, avi, mov and other digital video formats). Many other formats conversion: camcorder video tapes, laser disc, flash cards, professional video tapes and more. Click to see video transfer prices

AVRestore audio digitizing services Audio Conversion

Cassette to CD, cassette to digital MP3 or wave, vinyl records to CD, vinyl records to MP3, reel-to-reel tape to CD, reel-to-reel tape to digital MP3. Many other formats conversion: 78 RPM vintage gramophone records, professional reel-to-reel tapes, microcassette, 8-track, DAT, ADAT, minidisc and more. Click to see audio transfer prices

AVRestore film transfer services Film Transfer

Film to DVD, film to Blu-ray disc, film to USB drive, film to digital video files for editing, film to MPEG4 video for internet, computer and intelligent devices. Click to see film conversion prices

AVRestore photo scanning servicesPhoto Scanning

Photo to CD, photo to USB thumb drive, negatives to CD, negatives to USB, slides to CD, slides to thumb drive. High resolution digital scanning (jpeg, tiff). Click to see photo transfer prices

Why AVRestore?

  • quality comprehensive service, best in the industry
  • simple process: you send us the originals, we send you back the originals and the digitized media
  • simple, fair, straight-forward pricing
  • free quotes
  • volume discounts
  • no recurrent hosting fees
  • image and sound restoration using our proprietary QuickRestore℠ process
  • monitored transfers - not a "cookie cutter" operation
  • experts in digital media archiving
  • fast turnaround on small and large orders
  • all work is performed here, in Ft. Collins, CO
  • we keep a backup of your media for 30 days at no extra cost
  • we value your time and privacy: no e-mail spam


Why wait?

Save your memories now before it is too late. Most videotapes, audiotapes, film reels and photos are already past their expiration date. Every year we see a higher percentage of recorded media in need of serious restoration, or beyond repair. Do it now while your media is not completely lost and the prices are still affordable.